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Having a sticker on your helmet can be extremely useful in case of an emergency
With your personal "iM-QRfinder" code anyone can recover the information they might need to lend aid or return items that you have lost. The possible applications are endless.

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What it is and how it works:

"iM-QRfinder" is a QR code that provides a link to your personal page.

Your personal page at iM-QRfinder.com contains information that you have uploaded and published, but accessible only by those who read your iM-QRfinder tag. You can modify your personal page at any time to update, add to, or change the personal information that you want to display on your page at www.im-qrfinder.com...
your iM-QRfinder code never changes!
For example, use the “Messages” area to display your emergency contacts (I.C.E.), blood type, allergies - including drug allergies, and any other information that might be useful to emergency responders in case of injury or illness; or use it to offer a reward for the return of lost objects tagged with your iM-QRfinder code, such as a briefcase, purse, tablet, or camera.

It’s a snap to set up your own personal code!
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When you have filled in your personal information, the iM-QRfinder system will generate a unique QR code linked to your personal page. Apply tags with the iM-QRfinder code to your helmet or wallet to give first responders and Good Samaritans crucial information for your care in case of an accident, and to your most valuable items in order to facilitate recovery in case of loss.

How? Just using your smarthphone!

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Post a picture of yourself on your personal page
to ensure positive identification!

Reading your iM-QRfinder code is easy for anyone with a smartphone and a free QR reader from iTunes or the Android Marketplace. Access to your personal page on the internet is automatic and instantaneous as soon as someone "reads" the iM-QRfinder code on your helmet, in your wallet, or on your lost property.

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Thousands of uses:

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A small, unique, personal ID tag!
Stick it on your helmet so that, in an emergency, you will be able to provide important information and emergency contacts to anyone who might come to your aid.

Using your unique personal “iM-QRfinder, anyone will be able to access your emergency contacts and other essential personal information that they need to give you the help you might need. iM-QRfinder can be extremely useful in case of an accident whether you display it on your helmet or just carry it in your wallet or purse with your other identification. It can help rescuers notify your loved ones, provide your blood type, warn of drug allergies or other medical conditions affecting your care; even the contact information for your primary care physician; everything that might be essential for rescuers to know to treat you as quickly as possible.

Include a picture of yourself on your personal page to ensure positive identification.

Make yourself easy to find!
Make it easy for anyone who finds your stuff to contact you and return it to you.

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It’s so easy to misplace your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or camera if you’re momentarily distracted.On your personal page you could post a reward for the return of the camera you left by the pool, or the tablet you forgot on the train. According to the statistics, more than 90% of people who find lost items would gladly return lost items to their rightful owners if the owners could be identified.
With iM-QRfinder a person who finds your lost property has an instant link to your personal page to identify you and find out how to return your property promptly with no waste of time locating responsible authorities.

It’s a snap to set up your own personal code!

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